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Original paintings and giclee prints by Lauren deSerres

The Messenger

The Messenger


“The Messenger”
Acrylic, hand painted papers, and gold leaf on masonite
30x40 inches

In folklore from across the world, the crow is considered a messenger. The crow’s predilection for eating crops could be one of the reasons that the crow is often seen as a harbinger of bad tidings. However, crows are extremely intelligent creatures and are believed to be communicators between worlds. This one roosts inside a cove of schisandra, or five-taste berry. The schisandra is said to embody all five tastes; sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and pungent. 

We receive a multitude of messages each day ranging in spectrum from awe-inspiring to tragic, from beautiful to horrifying.  The schidandra is known as an adaptogen in both eastern and western medicine, and is known for its ability to adjust cortisol and dopamine levels in the body to help people cope with stress. With our changing world, stress is a given. This crow brings the message of the need to adapt, readjust and persevere in our ever changing world.

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